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Telescopic Cylinders

We are an authorized dealer of Custom Hoists and Hyva telescopic cylinders. We offer single-acting and double-acting as well as three, four, five, and six stage telescopic cylinders.

If you prefer a different manufacturer, we have the capabilities to obtain the same or comparable telescopic from Hyco, Parker (Commercial Intertech), Mailhot and various other manufacturers.

PowerX International Products

High Pressure Products: PowerX offers superior products specializing in high pressure hydraulic cylinders and pumps. They offer a large line of electric pumps, hand pumps, air-hydraulic pumps, jacks, single and double acting cylinders, flat body cylinders, automotive cylinders, center hole cylinders, and accessories.

Low Pressure: PowerX offers a standard line of mobile and industrial low pressure cylinders. They offer double acting tie-rod, welded with tube cross tube mount, welded with formed clevis mount, and standard snow plow cylinder replacements. If you need something special we have an engineering team that can develop a cylinder that will be to your specifications.

Hydra-Seal is proud to become a partner and stocking distributor with such a high quality product and company.

Mobile Hydraulics Catalog
PowerX International High Pressure Hydraulic Catalog

Seal Kits

As a seal manufacturer ourselves, we have connections throughout the industry to make aftermarket seal kits for any type of application. Also, we are able to have custom seals made for discontinued and obsolete units for prices lower than the dealers. With our vendors, we are able to ship in most seals next day delivery for ground prices saving money and time for our customers.

Please call or Email for Price and Availability